Classes use an integration of different styles of Yoga, blending a rejuvenating Vinyasa flow with postures that focus on body awareness, alignment and conscious breath control.  Classes suitable for all levels of yoga.

Classes are held at The Old Courthouse, located on the corner of Harbour Street and Cliff Road in North Wollongong.  

Winter  2019 Term Dates
29th July to 27th September


Mondays 4:00pm
75 minutes

Monday 5:30pm
Open Flow
75 minutes

Wednesdays 5:45pm
Progressive Flow
75 minutes *

Fridays 7:00am
Slow Flow
60 minutes

Fridays 9:00am
Progressive Flow
60 minutes




A nourishing class, incorporating yin based sequences, pranayama and a couple of sweet restorative poses. Designed to stimulate and release the deeper tissues and fascia of the body. A wonderful way to set the pace for your week ahead. Suitable for everybody.

Open & Progressive Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa flow is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. This class will weave effective alignment techniques with energising, progressive sequences to create space in the body and mind, and bring balance within a Vinyasa style format.  The class moves at a steady, mindful pace.
Progressive flow is  suitable for students with some experience. 

*Wednesday evening class 60 minutes on 2nd & 3rd Wednesday of the month)

Slow Flow
Slow Flow is a vinyasa class, that is light and creative, but slower paced and gentler than progressive flow classes. Postures are generally held for longer periods, and the transitions between poses are a little slower. The more gentle nature of this class is great for beginners, but is also wonderful for experienced students who feel like slowing it down to finish off the week.

 Term Prices
9 week term
$153 Adult $138 Concession

Casual if space if available $20 Adult / $18 Concession
Bookings for all classes are required

Additional Info

  • Please arrive 5 minutes early so that classes can start on time.

  • Make up classes are available if prior notice is given.

  • Some on-site parking available

  • Bathroom / change room available

  • Studio is fully equipped with mats and props.