Lis’ journey with Yoga began in 2001 primarily for the physical benefits to complement her love for being active. As her practice grew with studying various styles of Yoga the benefits extended beyond the mat and transformed her life far more than just physically. Over the years of practicing and studying many aspects of Yoga, she has experienced the profound effect it can have on the mental, spiritual and emotional self. Her inspiration is to bring this to each of her participants in her classes.

In 2008 Lis traveled to India to immerse herself in the study of Hatha Yoga at a residential Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Training centre in the Nilgiris Mountains of Southern India. Following this life changing experience Lis continued to experience the wonders of the world leaving Australia to teach yoga in the Greek Islands, Morocco, Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala and Bali. In 2010, Lis continued her studies of Yoga with further travel to San Fransisco for a month long intensive teacher training under Jasmine Tarkeshi from Laughing Lotus Yoga.

Classes at Wollongong's Old Court House are suitable for all levels of experience. The style of Yoga that Lis teaches is known as Vinyasa or Flow, drawing on the human body's great capacity for flowing movement with breath, whilst exploring deeper physical awareness on gross and subtle levels. 

In her classes Lis employs an in-depth anatomical and physiological knowledge gained from her qualifications and experience in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation. Lis is currently teaching on a level one teacher training course with Ray Of Light Yoga, delivering Anatomy and Physiology as it is applied to Yoga.  

Alongside teaching and being a Mum, Lis works in the field of rehabilitation with her honours in Rehabilitation.  Lis is currently on maternity leave from her position at The Illawarra Brain Injury Service with traumatic and acquired brain injury rehabilitation. In the past she has worked in rehabilitation hospitals and centres focusing on joint replacement, back surgery and neurological conditions. Lis is able to apply this knowledge to her Yoga students to ensure that each student is safe and participating in a practice that offers balance, healing and nourishment.


T: 0402 330 958